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Quick Bits is proud to introduce 2 brand new bits.  They were designed by a professional rodeo star and are build for competition.  They bits are actually used in competition and proved themselves to give the winning edge.  They will have your horse jumping for joy.



3 Piece Bit

We call it the 3 piece bit. Simple, but that says it all.

We took our statndard 46 Aluminum Cheek Piece and added in a NEW 3 piece bit. The bit is a modified snaffle bit. The inner piece is a copper roller that all horses enjoy playing with. The other 2 pieces of the snaffle call for a different pressure than your horse is used to.

The copper piece will get his attention to play with it, but when you apply pressure, it will happen in 2 seperate pressure points.

This is a great new bit and horses love it ... PS - riders love it also !!


Retail Price - $100

Sliding Gag Bit

Here's another new bit that we are proud to introduce.

The latest Quiick Bit was designed by a top Barrel Racing ompetitor.

It combines the best of a snaffle bit and also gives a different kind of relief from the bit by sliding up and down on the Cheek Piece. The Cheek Piece is a modified Pelham shank and it allows the twisted wire snaffle to freely move back and forth.

This bit will be an added accompliment to the both the experienced Rodeo competitor and the weekend trail rider.

Sliding Retail Price $90

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