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Combine the best of both worlds with these bits.  They are all Curb bits with a Copper Cricket.  Let your horse entertain himself with the cricket while you entertain yourself by riding him.

All horses love these Cricket bits.  My mare plays with it so much, she now forgets to eat every green bush on the trail.

Get one of these bits as your 'extra' bit.  Give your horse a holiday every once in a while and let them play with the Crickets for your whole ride. 

I haven't seen a horse yet who didn't love these bits.

If you have any questions on which bit is best, give us a call.

65C - Low Port with Cricket

51HCC - Copper Covered with Cricket


123HC - High Port with Cricket


75XHC - Extra High Port with Cricket


CC65C - High Port Copper Covered w/ Cricket


82 - Half Breed with Cricket

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