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This Snaffle Bit is mainly used to obtain lateral movement while the Curb Bit obtains more control through pressure.

The pressure applied for the same amount of pull is 4 times that in a Curb Bit.

Considering the kind of power you will be able to exercise with the Curb Bit, you will need to be wise in selecting the right kind of bit for you.  The Polo Mouth bit is akin to a 'grazing bit' with very little pressure applied, while the High Port Curb will apply a lot more pressure.

If you have any questions on which bit is best, give us a call.

123L - Low Port Curb

123H - High Port Curb


65 - Mediam Port Curb


67 - Tongue Relief Bit


71- Polo Mouth Bit


95 - Tongue Release Bit

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